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Want to dive into the world of the Bard? Join us in Intro to Shakespeare this semester and learn the fundamentals of Shakespeare! Learn iambic pentameter, how to pull the meaning of the words out from the old English, and discover Shakespeare’s classic characters in this beginners class.




 PREREQUISITE:  Due to the advanced English language of the text we're working with, students should have solid English comprehension skills. 

 SHOWCASE:  The showcase will take place 7 - 14 days after  the last day of classes. 

 COST:  Early Bird - $310  |  Lazy Bird - $360 

Term Dates: Jan 14 - Mar 13, 2023

Term Dates: Apr 15 - Jun 12, 2023

Term Dates: Jul - Aug 2023

Term Dates: Sep 16 - Nov 13, 2023

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