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Grindstone Comedy Theatre
BYOV #17 
the luther center
BYOV #18 
The Lumos Dental stage
BYOV #19 
the sewing machine factory
BYOV #20 
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planet B
The 11 O'clock Number

The plot? The Thunderians, fleeing the destruction of their home planet, have landed on planet Thundera and await the ghost of their fallen leader Jaga The Wise to find out which ThunderCAT character will return to the ThunderCAT Lair.


Through obscene hip thrusting and way too much dancing, they learn what it really means to be a Thunder CAT.

In a universe not too distant from ours; in a time not too distant from now, lives a people, not too distant from ourselves! Welcome to Planet B! Grindstone's Improv Conservatory brings you "Stories from Beyond the Stars", a sci-fi exploration of comedies and tragedies that are out of this world!

The Eleven O'clock Number is Grindstone's award winning improvised musical comedy! Based on suggestions from the audience the cast improvises a brand new musical comedy on the spot. Complete with twisting plots and showstopping numbers, Laughs are guaranteed. You have to see it to believe it!