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In this advanced program, rookie comics and Stand Up 101 graduates can expect a class that's focused on feedback on their writing. Got a joke that's not connecting? A premise you want to flesh out? Let's work on it together! Heads up, this program is more of a joke laboratory than a traditional class! Join Alex Jocko, local comedian and show producer, as we dive deep into joke writing and experimentation.

 DATES: This class will return in Winter 2025! 



 PREREQUISITE:  Stand Up 101 or equivalent 

 SHOWCASE:  The showcase will take place within 14 days after  the last day of classes. 

 COST:  Early Bird - $325  |  Lazy Bird - $375 

Term Dates: January - March, 2024

Term Dates: April - June, 2024

Term Dates: June - July, 2024

Term Dates: September - November, 2024

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