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The Best Weekly Improv Show In Edmonton!

The 11 O' Clock Number is a weekly staple at The Grindstone Theatre, running strong for 10 years! Sold out on a weekly basis, the crew has an incredible knack for engaging the audience and creating a true sense of community.

While the art of improvisation is already impressive on its own, these talented pros somehow manage to turn this show into a comedic musical, with a different topic every week!

You'll roar with laughter at the unexpected, nonsensical jokes and are guaranteed to reinvigorate your imagination as the cast guides you on an unexpected journey, where not even they know what's coming. It's raw, it's vulnerable, and so incredibly inspiring.

Drop in to the theatre every Saturday at 9pm to catch the show, or come by a little earlier for a drink or two with friends -- you'll feel right at home.

See you then!

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