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The Improv Conservatory is an audition-based program for those interested in professional improv performance. Those chosen for the conservatory will participate in a weekly improv training session.

The conservatory is an 8-week ensemble program that concludes with participants creating and performing in 3 Long-Form improv shows as part of the programming at The Grindstone Comedy Theatre. The Conservatory consists of 8 classes, 8 performances (a cast of 4 will perform in each show) and 7 rehearsals.

The Conservatory Program will be back in Winter 2024!

 CLASS DATES:  This class will return in Winter 2024! 



 LOCATION:  Classes/Performances - Grindstone Theatre (10019 81 Ave NW) | Rehearsals - Grindstone Studio (9562 82 Ave NW) 


 PREREQUISITE:  200 level Improv class, or professional performance experience. This is an audition based class. 


Term Dates: Jan 14 - Mar 13, 2023

Term Dates: Apr 15 - Jun 12, 2023

Term Dates: Jul - Aug 2023

Term Dates: Sep 16 - Nov 13, 2023

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