(AGES 13 - 16):

This class is for writers and performers alike! Grow and learn together as an ensemble to create your own show to be performed at the end of the term. Students will explore different playwriting, directing, and performance techniques in the mornings, and focus on creating their own original show in the afternoons. 


No experience required! This course is designed to be repeated as the material changes each term. 

 DATES: This class will be available in Spring 2023! 




 SHOWCASE:  The showcase will take place 7 - 14 days after  the last day of classes. 

 COST:  Early Bird - $310  |  Lazy Bird - $360 

Term Dates: Jan 14 - Mar 13, 2023

Term Dates: Apr 15 - Jun 12, 2023

Term Dates: Jul - Aug 2023

Term Dates: Sep 16 - Nov 13, 2023