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(AGES 12 - 17):

Join musician Jesse Crowley in Rock Band this semester and bring your dreams of performing in a band to life! This class will guide each student through the rehearsal process required to bring electrifying collaborative performances to a live audience.
This course is designed to be repeated as the material changes each term. 
If students have their own instrument (e.g. guitar, bass, cajon drum) they are encouraged to bring it. We will provide a drum set/cajon/bongo and microphones for students to use, but bass, electric, and acoustic guitars (and amplification) are not provided.
If students do not have their own instrument, please email and we can set up a rental and payment plan.

Rock Band welcomes students who are at the beginner stage of musicianship; however, it should be noted that this course is NOT instrument lessons, and that students are expected to have some beginner knowledge on their instrument of choice. Continual instruction on the instruments will be given along the way; however, the course focuses mainly on the collaborative and performative elements of musicianship. Please reach out to our instructor at the contact info below if you have any concerns about what to expect in Rock Band!

 DATES:  April 15 - June 3, 2023 | Saturdays | 4:00 - 6:00pm 

 LOCATION:  Grindstone Studio (9562 82 Ave NW) 

 INSTRUCTOR: Jesse Crowley 

 PREREQUISITE:  Please see the class description for details 

 SHOWCASE:  The showcase will take place 7 - 14 days after  the last day of classes. 

 COST:  Early Bird - $310  |  Lazy Bird - $360 

Term Dates: Jan 14 - Mar 13, 2023

Term Dates: Apr 15 - Jun 12, 2023

Term Dates: Jul - Aug 2023

Term Dates: Sep 16 - Nov 13, 2023

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