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homeschool  drama   discovery 
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 Improv for   Kids 
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 musical   theatre   for  kids 


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 improv for   teens 
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 acting 101   for teens 
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 musical   theatre   for teens 


January 14 - March 13, 2022

April 15 - June 12, 2022

July - August, 2022

September 16 - November 13, 2022


Do I drop my child off, or do I stay for the class?

This is a drop off class, please bring your child into the classroom and once settled, you may leave them with the instructor. On the first day of classes, you will be asked to fill out a photo release form, medical form, and child drop off authorization form. We also have a sign in/sign out sheet that you can fill out every time you drop off and pick up your child. If your child is old enough, they are allowed to sign themselves in/out; however, a parent or guardian must be present on the first day to fill out all the necessary forms. 


Where is the Grindstone Studio located?

The Studio is located at 9562 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6C 1B9 underneath the Mill Creek Cafe. Note that some classes happen at the theatre (10019 81 ave) and some at the Grindstone Studio. Please double check your class schedule provided to ensure you are going to the right location for your class. 


Where is the Sewing Machine Factory located?

The Sewing Machine Factory is also used for some of our classes. This space is located at 9562 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6C 1B9 underneath Mill Creek Cafe. Just past the Grindstone Studio and down the hall. 


Where is the entrance to the Grindstone Studio and Sewing Machine Factory?

The door to the building is directly behind the bus stop on 82nd ave. Proceed downstairs and the studio is the green doors to your left. The Sewing Machine Factory is downstairs straight down the hallway. There will be signs to help guide you.


What is The Grindstone Theatre?

The Grindstone Theatre is a non-profit society founded in 2011 aimed to create professional opportunities for emerging artists. Grindstone is an improv based theatre company that creates new works and produces scripted plays, musicals, sketch comedy and improv. Grindstone operates the Grindstone Comedy Theatre which is also home to a variety of independently produced shows which include improv, stand-up and sketch comedy along with a variety of community events. The Grindstone Bistro, located in the lobby of the theatre offers a selection of local beers, wine, cocktails and a comfort food menu to perfectly complement your night out.  Our Theatre School offers a variety of programs for all ages, from camps and classes to workshops and conservatories. Our venues are also available for rentals and our performances and workshops are available for corporate bookings. Grindstone also produces a series of festivals which include The Grindstone Comedy Festival, Disco In The Park, Edmonton Fringe Venues and Mural Massive. 


What do I need for class?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing you can move around in, a water bottle, snack (please keep in mind potential allergies), pen and notebook. Snack breaks may not be part of the class and are at the instructor's discretion. 

There may be materials outside of this list required. If that is the case, those materials will be communicated to you via our class welcome email sent out a week before the class begins. 


How does the Showcase work?

The classes typically run for 8 weeks, with a final showcase 7-14 days after the  final class. The showcase date, time and location will be communicated to you in your class welcome package and will be finalized 4 weeks into the semester. The kids/teens showcases are free; however donations are encouraged via our Grindstone Theatre School donation jar. The income made from the showcase goes back into our Education Department. 


Can my teen volunteer?

Teens that are 16+ are welcome to volunteer! Those who are under 18 cannot volunteer at liquor tents or bingos. 

The Grindstone Theatre is invested in giving back to our volunteers. For every shift (up to 5 shifts), volunteers will receive a discount of $10/shift on ANY class of their choice for the upcoming semester!

  • If you would like to volunteer for The Grindstone Theatre or learn more about volunteer opportunities please email Kyle at kparrotta@grindstonetheatre.ca.

  • Upcoming Volunteer opportunities:

    • Bingos

    • Festivals

    • Mainstage shows

    • Large Events hosted by Grindstone Theatre

For payment plan options, please contact: jpepin@grindstonetheatre.ca



At Grindstone, we offer year-round programs on a term basis. We have 4 terms per year that follow the seasons.


Our programs include 8 weekly classes and a showcase after the final class for the public. Scroll down to view and register for our upcoming adult and kids programs.

Experience: Instruction from theatre professionals with a ton of experience. 

A Safe Space: An inclusive environment to try a new skill, while being supported and challenged.

Curated Curriculum: A well-curated curriculum which advances with each level.