Comedy Fest Workshops



This three-hour workshop will include a number of premise creation exercises, writing exercises and on your feet exercises to create sketches for one performer. Focusing on big opinions, larger-than-life characters, and your personal brand of comedy- you will leave this workshop with new writing skills and a bunch of new promising premises.   We will be going through a number of writing exercises and performance styles for sketch all on your lonesome! Character monologues, rants, playing multiple people, found audio, the list of possibilities in solo sketch is endless. Perfect for someone looking for a solo piece to pitch to their sketch troupe, or for someone building a tight 25 of their very own.

  DATE:  Saturday, July 9 from 2:00 - 5:00 PM 

  LOCATION:  The Grindstone Theatre 

  INSTRUCTOR:   Kirsten Rasmussen 

  COST: $75 

Solo Sketch



The art of Stand Up: The art of crafting a set and learning how to be yourself on stage.  

A workshop where participants are shown some of the basic craftsmanship and techniques of stand-up comedy. We will use jokes, material, and improvisation to develop an on-stage persona and find comfort on the stage. 

Everyone should be ready to be on stage at some point during the workshop. Everyone has to bring 3 min of material. Doesn’t have to be perfect or hilarious. Can be jokes, a story, or even a biography. 

  DATE:  Saturday July 9 from 2:00 - 5:00PM 

  LOCATION:  Grindstone Studio (9562 82 Ave NW)  

  INSTRUCTOR:   Ryan Belleville 

  COST: $75 

The Art of Stand Up