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Are you interested in learning how to sing improvised songs? Then this is the class for you! 


This course will give you the tools to confidently make up songs on the spot. Students will learn about song structures, rhythm, song styles, harmony and improvising songs as an ensemble. Musical Improv will uniquely engage students with both comedic and dramatic songs! 


Musical Improv 101 focuses on singing only. Instruments will not be taught in this class.


This class finishes in a final showcase at the Grindstone Theatre. The showcase will consist of the students making up some songs on the spot based on the theme of an audience suggestion.

 DATES:  September 15 - November 10, 2024 | Sundays |   11:00 - 1:00PM

 LOCATION:  Grindstone Theatre (10019 81 Ave NW) 

 INSTRUCTOR:  Graeme Pate 

 PREREQUISITE:  Improv 101 or equivalent, singing experience 

 SHOWCASE:  The showcase will take place within 14v vdays after  the last day of classes. 

 COST:  Early Bird - $310  |  Lazy Bird - $360 

Term Dates: January - March, 2024

Term Dates: April - June, 2024

Term Dates: June - July, 2024

Term Dates: September - November, 2024

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