Upcoming Venue Plans

The New Grindstone Comedy Theatre Venue is currently Pending.

The new building is under a conditional Lease waiting approval on Building Permits. For the past ten months we have been working hard to plan and develop this new space located just off Whyte Avenue. If all goes well our target is to be open by March 1, 2018.

Here are some preliminary renderings of what the space will look like.

Grindstone – Chamber front furniture B
Grindstone – Chamber rear furniture B
Grindstone – BAR – front
Grindstone – BAR – rear



We had negotiated a venue in the social-entertainment corridor of Edmonton’s Whyte Ave. We drew up plans, gathered partners, and raised money from the community to build our own venue. The goal is to build a home for Grindstone’s weekly improv & sketch shows and open to all comedy producers to create shows- imagine how a venue dedicated to comedy could benefit Edmonton. We were almost set to move in, but last minute clarification of safety codes meant the deal was off! Grindstone won’t be opening in the historical Hulbert Block, but we are pursuing our next opportunity to open our own venue…

So, stay tuned for updates.

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At this time we are accepting submissions for shows. If you have a show or an idea for a show that you would like to produce please contact us!